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VIMS Analytical Service Center for Nutrients

Advantages of Instrumental Methods

Colorimetric Nutrients-Continuous Flow Analysis:

Primary Instrument - SKALAR SAN plus System

Advantages of Instrument/Method:

Carbon - Nitrogen Analysis :

Primary Instrument - Exeter Analytical CE-440 CHN Analyzer

  • High Temperature Catalyzed Combustion - more complete oxidation than wet chemical digestion,or other methods.
  • Horizontal combustion chamber ensures consistent carrier flow and extends column life
  • Sealed Helium sample environment controls moisture
  • Computer Control and Acquisition - Allows efficient continuous unattended operation

    Dissolved Organic Carbon :

    Primary Instrument - Shimadzu TOC5000

    Advantages of Instrument/Method:

    Analytes: DOC (NPOC), TC, TOC, DTC