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peeler blue crab in handBAY INFORMATION

This section provides information about Bay science topics and issues. Below is a summary of the information that can be found in each of the Bay Information categories.

Information About the Bay- Look here to find basic background information about the Chesapeake Bay, Bay FAQ's, Bay history, Bay trends, an introduction to the Bay ecosystem, suggested reading, and the CBP Bay Journal publication.

Bay Life - Animals & Plants - Would you like to key out a bay organism? These pages provide information about Chesapeake Bay fish, crabs & shellfish, bay grasses (SAV), the lower food web, birds, mammals, reptiles & amphibians, exotic species, and more plants & animals.

Habitats - You can find information about forests, wetlands, streams & rivers, shallow waters, aquatic reefs, and open Bay waters on these pages.

Water Quality - Wondering about runoff? These pages cover topics such as the tidal portion of the bay & rivers, non-tidal rivers, groundwater, urban storm water, and restoring water quality in the Bay.

People & Land - These pages provide information about population & development trends, sprawl, and brownfields.

Watershed Profiles - Watershed Profiles assembles maps, charts and information that portray the environmental condition of Chesapeake Bay watersheds. This Internet application operates at a variety of scales from the entire 64,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay watershed to small tributary watersheds. Information on landscape changes, Bay Program activities, other organization activities, and places to visit are some of the information displayed in easy to read charts, maps, and tables.

Bay Pollutants - Do you know what the worst problem in the watershed is? Look here to find information about nutrient, sediment, air, and toxics pollution.

Get Involved - As a student or an educator in the Chesapeake Bay watershed there are many things that you can do to help in the efforts to protect and restore the Bay for generations to come. You can find your watershed, watershed organizations, and projects for your classroom that will help the Bay.



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