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spacer Courses and workshops listed on this page are generally for all teachers in the Bay watershed. If you are looking for a specific course or workshop in your state, please visit your stateroom.

Environmental Concern Wetlands Courses
The educational courses at Environmental Concern Inc. are designed for educators who are interested in learning more about wetlands, and who would like to bring the excitement of wetland education into their classroom. Environmental Concern Inc. will develop a customized course in any area of wetland education to suit specific needs. All courses are correlated with the National Standards of Learning. K-12.

Chesapeake Classrooms
Through Chesapeake Classrooms, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (CBF) and National Geographic's Geography Education Outreach (GEO) will provide professional development and materials to interested teachers over one year to implement multi-week units focused on the local watershed environment. Chesapeake Classrooms will help increase students' environmental literacy, stewardship, and engagement in the learning process.

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Teacher Professional Development
CBF offers year round professional development opportunities to teachers watershed-wide. All courses are designed to provide teachers with the skills and knowledge necessary to integrate lessons and projects focused on the local watershed into their classrooms--in most cases while earning inservice and/or graduate credit! Available in MD, VA, and PA.

Horn Point K-12 Workshops
Workshops and courses available cover topics such as marshes & sea level rise, the CBOS system, and wetlands ecology. Information about the summer research fellowships for teachers are also available.

Teacher Inspiration Workshop
The Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center will host a series of two-day “Teacher Inspiration Workshops” geared to engage and inspire teachers, improve their working knowledge of the Bay and its issues, and empower them to promote stewardship through their teaching.



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